Zookeeper Threw A Toy Up To Bored Lion, His Reaction Has The Internet in Stitches

Meet Triton – a majestic lion that resides in a zoo in Johannesburg in South Africa and he is known for being so gorgeous and also for a hidden talent. His caretaker Agnes Maluleke figured out his talent as he said that there is a favorite toy of Triton – his football. This shows that the difference between being the king of the jungle and a household fluffy cat isn’t so big.

He is an 11-year-old lion shows that all felines are playful creature and they actually learn a lot from playing and it is a part of becoming adults. He clearly looks ecstatic and it looks like his life’s purpose has been accomplished as soon as he gets the ball and starts playing with him. It is true that all felines are adorable and it is so much fun to be around them. Watch the video to have more information.
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