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Wolf Acted Instinctively When An Old Donkey Was Forced Into His Cage

It is known that predators and their preys can’t be friends or being together, even in cartoon, the predators are predators.

This story shows us that they can be friends, best friends actually! A donkey, that was rejected to work in Patok, Albania, by some villagers, was locked up with a wolf in the same crate! The villagers thought that the donkey would be eaten by the wolf, that became his friend! Watch the video above to have more information.

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A man stumbles upon what looked like a pile of trash but he was stunned when he learned this…

Not a piece of trash
It is so heartbreaking to read dozens of stories like that everyday where people treat dogs like piece of trash. They don’t even stop to think that dogs are also living beings and are very adorable and loving creatures. This is one of those stories so you better brace yourself for some brutality. A man in Quebec found something that looked like a pile of trash but when he got closer, he was shocked to find out that it was a dog.

He figured it was a dog when he noticed a pair of eyes blinking as it was the poor dog’s only way to calling for help. How heartbreaking is that?! It was a living dog that had been severely neglected and was finally abandoned to die on the streets.

The kindhearted man got closer to the dog who had clearly been living without a home for quite some time. The dog was very dirty and its fur had been covered in shambles totally. He did what he could do best, he called The Quebec Society for the Protection of Animals and they arrived in a while to take control of the matter.

All the matted fur had become extremely dirty and loads of bacteria had also been trapped in between dog’s fur. All that lump weighed around 6 pounds and it was so long that he couldn’t even walk properly so all of his fur was removed. The actual dog was tiny and it took them a few days to nurse him back to health. His name is Rasta and now he is waiting for a forever happy home.

This is an incredible story of a dog’s rescue, from the person finding him to him being strong enough to fight against all the odds. It has been an amazingly brave venture for Rasta who will be remembered for his courage and will to survive. He is now living in a foster home and soon a loving family will adopt him and give him all the happiness in the world.

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