50,000 Greyhounds Outlive Their ‘Purpose’, So Hunters Dump Them In Wells To Die

Every year in Spain, as the hunting season approaches its end, thousands of Greyhounds are abandoned by their hunter owners in the most agonizing manner. Around 200,000 registered hunters, called galgueros, discard their hunting companions, just because they don’t want to pay for their upkeep in the off-season.



The dogs, called “galgos”, are often thrown into wells, where they starve and die horrifying deaths. Some instances of the animals being tied to rail-tracks, hanged, burned alive and having their throats cut, were also found.


In most cases, the hunters want to get rid of the old dogs who are no longer useful. But some do it in the name of tradition, which dictates that inefficient hunting dogs bring “shame” to their owners, so they must be savagely discarded.


Animal charity workers in Spain are losing sleep over this rampant barbarity. Over 50,000 Greyhounds die the most atrocious death every year, but the law is yet to step up for the protection of these abused creatures.


With more awareness being raised against this brutal practice, we hope this tragic treatment of Greyhounds comes to an end. Our hearts ache at the plight of these poor animals. We really need to persuade the authorities for strict laws against this abuse.





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