Police Are Seeking The People Who Chopped Off This Puppy’s Legs & Tail And Just Left It For Dead

The monsters that abuse animals don’t belong in our society; their unbridled cruelty is absolutely disgusting. That cruelty was taken to a new low in Turkey. An animal abuse case was discovered that will turn your stomach.




In the middle of a Turkish forest, an abandoned puppy was found in a state that will break any animal lovers heart.


The helpless puppy had been left to die after an unknown person chopped its legs and tail off. It’s a miracle the small baby was still alive when it was found.




He was discovered amongst the trees and was dying alone near the Sapanca district in Turkey.




Immediately, the kind-hearted rescuer rushed him to the vet so he could get the medical attention he so desperately needed.




The tiny pup was given food and water and bravely fought to stay alive. The staff at the veterinary hospital paid him special attention; his situation was heartbreaking and tugged at everyone’s heartstrings.


They all cheered him on, hoping he would make it.


After days of struggling, the poor baby passed away during emergency surgery. The sick person who tortured him so cruelly also stole his young life.


When the puppy was discovered, Turkey was having its Presidential Elections. Although it won’t change what happened, government officials and candidates throughout the country are now talking about the poor puppy’s story. His tragic death may help the country improve its animal rights laws.


Hopefully, they find the twisted individual that is responsible for committing such a monstrous crime. They need to pay for what they did to this lovely innocent creature.

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