Husband Sneaks Dog Into Hospital In A Suitecase So His Dying Wife Can Say Goodbye

Saying goodbye to a loved one is an incredibly difficult task. For a man who knew his wife went ahead, his heart suffered from the preparation. He thought it was his job to keep him locked up before he left this world to pass another.

He decided to do everything to say goodbye to the dog for his wife. He wrote about the story on Reddit and said that his wife was at the hospital and really tired and she loved their dog so much. So, he brought the dog to the hospital to let his wife say goodbye to him.

"Our dog ... fits in a normal suitcase, I fixed it with the lid open and put it in the car until I arrived at the hospital, I would open the zipper in a few minutes and he could see his mother."

"Incredibly, he moaned, did not bark, moaned and when I took the position of the nurse at the station, I told them that I had just taken things to make my wife feel better. They said no problem. 

Thankfully, they were able to enter the room and to see his wife with their dog. How emotional. Watch the video above to have more information.

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