Baby Koala Looks Like Saying : "I Am Not Going To Leave You Mom!"

This is a heartbroken story of a Mum and its son. In Australia, two koalas, Phantom and Lizzie had an accident last week in their way. They were then sent to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

Lizzie's condition was very bad. however, her joey was good. Lizzie was in need to go under the surgeon’s knife, so as to stay alive. The six years old Phantom join his Mum and adhered to her side during the operation. The vets understood that and let them be together. Fortunately, Lizzie is recovering and they are happy, sharing more adorable cuddles!
After that, they will be returned to the wild. We should help koalas from diseases, climate change, and human activity. We don't always have a happy ending. Watch the video above to have more information.
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