Vibrant 2-Yerr-Old Passes Away Days After Getting Ill. Now Family Warn About Deadly Illness That Killed Her

One sad family shares their story with people hoping that people will prevent what happened with them.

Kenley Ratliff, 2-year-old girl, was a playful and nice girl, who shared joyful wherever she went. She really loved to go to the garden to run around in the grass. But, what she loved to do led her to be dead.

One day, Kenley’s parents took her to the emergency twice as she started running fever, and the fever got worse. The doctors said that there was just strep throat.

But, the symptoms continued to worsen, so the parents knew that it was something more dangerous. Kenley’s fever spiked, a purple rash erupted all over her body, and her hands started to swell.

 They took their daughter to the hospital again, and the doctors said that Kenley’s condition was more dangerous than what they had originally thought. They diagnosed her with possible a serious illness spread by ticks called Rocky Mountain Fever.

Kenley was immediately intubated, pumped with antibiotics, and put on a ventilator. Fortunately, her illness quickly spread and started to attack her brain. They waited for a miracle, but it never came.

On 3rd of June, the Kenley’s parents decided to turn off their daughter’s ventilator and say their heartbreaking goodbyes. And they decided to share their story to spread awareness between people.

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