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Veterinarian Refuses To Euthanize Eight Healthy Pups So Woman Puts Them In The Freezer.

What is known about Margaret Peacock that she is an award-winning Border Collie breeder, but actually, she is with no heart. When one of her dogs gave birth for 8 healthy pups, she decided to euthanize them! The vet refused. So the 63-year-old went home and put them all into the freezer in order to get rid of them.
She took them all to the veterinarian in the next day. But just one of them was still alive, but it was finally euthanized as its bad condition. One pup was found at Margret's home, and it had been killed by a blow to its head. She claimed, in her defense, that she was mad at the mama dog.

Regardless of what happened, the authorities ordered her to pay a $1,000 fine, and to stay for 12-week in the jail, but she'll be allowed to breeding pets.

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Authorities Are Currently Searching Of This Man Who Broke Pup’s Neck Because Of WiFi.

Christopher Vogel, a 25-year-old man is being looked by the police in Des Moines, Iowa. The authorities wanted him in connection with the death of a pup who was murdered over an argument about Wi-Fi.

On July 6th, the man went to a couple’s house and wanted to use their internet, but the couple refused, so the man grabbed the pup to be out of the couple’s sight and snapped its neck in a violent way! Suddenly, the couple then found the pup’s body in an apartment stairwell.

Sadly, the 12-weeks-old pup was still alive when it was found, but unfortunately, it passed away at Animal Control Officer. People who see Vogel, the man in the video, are asked to call 515.223.1400 (Crime Stoppers of Central Iowa).

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