Two Dogs Are Introduced To Their New Sibling, Watch Their Reaction, Priceless!

Harlow the Weimaraner and Indiana the Dachshund art two charming dogs that have always been as thick as thieves, they spend all the time together, they play together, walk together, sleep together, eat together, who watches them will know for sure that their love for each other will never ever dwindle, they had such an amazing life.

Before Harlow gets to know the lovely Indiana, He had a cool buddy called Sage, Harlow and Sage seemed to be the perfect duo.
Fortunately for Harlow, Indiana’s arrival helped heal his broken heart, they became very intimate, but there was a surprise waiting for them...
This amazing duo are now greeting Reese Lightning, their new sister, at their house, the 9-week-old puppy seemed a little bit nervous, but he quickly adjusted to living with them, and they soon became family.
Reese loves playing with his old siblings, he wrestles them, bites, and chases them, and they are just happy with their little sister, and they feel the family is now complete.
The trio loves jumping and rolling about when they are alone, they drop toys in front of each other to play and have fun, they’ve adjusted incredibly and they love it so much, their friendship is priceless.

Watch The Video Here

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