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Tired Of Weeds In Your Garden, These Are The Best Ways To Remove Them Completely

Having bullying weeds in your garden is the last thing you want. This article gives you 8 methods that help you to get rid of these weeds.


What you have to do is just to put a layer of newspaper down the weeds after making the soil wet. Then cover it with some mulch after wetting it another time.


You can prevent the seeds of the weeds from coming into contact with soil and growing up by covering your garden with mulch.

3-Baking Soda for Crevices

This will prevent weeds from growing as they will not like the sodium.


The cornmeal will prevent weeds from growing, but it also prevents the other seeds from growing, so you have to make sure that your seeds are well-established first.

5-Salt Water Solution

Bring 2 cups of water and a cup of salt. You have to pour this mixture directly after boiling it to kill the weeds.

6-Weed Torch

This causes the water inside the cells to die after heating it up.


You can spray vinegar using spray bottle to kill the grass or weeds you want.


In this method, you need 2 cups of water, some liquid of soap, and an ounce of vodka. Mix them all in a spray bottle and spray it on weeds on a sunny day.

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