They Were Dumping Something In The Garbage Trucks. When I Saw It? I’m Heartbroken.

Mexico has laws concerning animal protection, as do many countries. In this picture, taken in a Ticoman neighborhood in Mexico City, we see two dogs in a garbage truck! Those dogs didn’t jump in there – their former owner didn’t want them, so he gave them to the garbage disposal workers. The workers put the dogs in the back of the truck!

What were they thinking? The dogs aren’t trash! You can just see how scared those poor dogs are! They deserve better. Being a stray in Mexico City is rough.
While this image may be horrifying, it is not the first time dogs have been seen in the back of a garbage truck – earlier this year a video surfaced showing garbage men throwing live dogs into the back of the truck!
"Mundo Patito” is an animal rescue group based in Mexico City. They have been working hard to get reform in the city, but local officials have not done anything. When volunteers got word about the two dogs in the photo, they were able to find them and rescue them!
The dogs dubbed Hachi and Pancho are safe. Mundo Patito was able to locate the dog’s former owner.

Her name is Alejandra Gonzalez, and she claims that the garbage men insisted that she give the dogs to them – so she did!
There are still many dogs and cats living on the streets. Right, most responsible pet owners willingly give their dogs over to garbage men if they ask nicely! Come on! She honestly thinks people would believe her? Hanci and Panco are better off now.

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