Small Kittens Were Trapped In A Fire, But Dog Steps In And Risked His Life To Rescue Them

Heroes are not just humans who have super powers. Sometimes the heroes could be a creature, cat, horse or dog, just like this awesome one.


Firefighters had just responded to a house fire in Melbourne, Australia. Fortunately, when they were there, the family had been out safely, with Barney, their dog. But there was still a problem. Leo, their other dog was still inside the home.
Leo didn't give any sign to his parents. The family began to fear more and more when they waited outside. Firefighters had hurried in, looking for Leo. But there was nothing.
After some few moments of searching, they finally saw movements in one room. When they came closer, they realized that it was Leo.
They speedily rushed over to pick him up. Surprisingly, when they pick him, they were shocked by what they found under him!

Leo was sitting over four kittens, that had also been stuck in the home. He was laying over them to keep them safe. But unfortunately, he had been unconscious, when the firefighters arrived.
So, they quickly gave him oxygen and bring him back to life. When he recovered his consciousness, he seemed very unstable. He was seemed that he feared of something.
They brought the little cute kittens to him, as soon as they did, he gave them many kisses. He was so happy, and was really glad because his strong action kept them safe. And the family also was happy about that.
Leo certainly has golden heart, and he put himself in serious dangerous situation to save some lives.
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