Puppy Stuns Vet By Surviving The Lethal Euthanasia Injection At Overcrowded Shelter

Every day many puppies are euthanized throughout the country. A puppy named Rudolph is one of them.

The dog was 7 months old when he was transferred to an animal shelter in Oklahoma.

Sadly, Rudolph was not adopted by anyone, so they put him on the euthanasia list. The assistant director at King’s Harvest Pet Rescue, Rochelle Dougall, heard about Rudolph and decided to help him. But it was late, but not too late! Rudolph was given an overdose of a strong anesthetic injection to let him pass pain-free.

The miracle happened and Rudolph was not dead, so Rochelle took him and put him for adoption, and that what happened when a 50-year-old woman called Joyce Valentine took him to her home. He is now so happy and enjoying his new life. Watch the video above to have more information.

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