Needy and homeless dog finally finds forever home for himself and his toy bear

The amazing adoption

This is the story of a handsome pit bull who was abandoned at a high-intake shelter in Philadelphia. However, he got his life turned around by a family who say that the dog will have a huge yard to run around and even a pond to swim in. The dog was surrendered on November 11 and had to wait through all December and November for someone to come and save him. He only had a teddy bear with him to go through all the pain and loneliness.

One cruel thing is that when he got into a shelter, they took his favorite teddy bear from him saying that it was not one of the approved types of toys. He was in a bad need of someone who would adopt him and keep him safe and loved. He even lost his only friend, the teddy bear and finally the help arrived when he got adopted by the family. His new owner can be described as a veterinarian as he has a lot of dogs, cats, birds and rabbits in his house.

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