Poor Homeless Puppy Is Eating Weird – She Opens Her Mouth, And Left Her Rescuer Stunned!

The video above speaks about a poor homeless puppy, that was wandering around Detroit’s West Side, when she was spotted by a woman called Liz Oeffner, who knew that she had to do something to help the dog.

The dog was beside a busy interaction, which left Liz worried that the poor filthy pooch might get hit by traffic. So, Liz directly stopped her car and took the scared puppy new charge home. It was obvious that the dog was so hungry, so Liz gave her some food. She realized that the pooch eating in a strange way, that did not look comfortable or natural.
So, she opened the dog’s mouth to receive this big shock! The dog did not have a tongue! So, Liz immediately called Detroit Pit Crew, a local rescue group, who agreed to take the poor puppy in to see if they could help her out.
The veterinarian could not believe that this wonderful pooch had managed to survive without a tongue. The Detroit Pit Crew director and founder said that he has never seen a dog without a tongue. She is a brave puppy, who did not stop pushing forward. They named her Helen Keller, and she really deserves a new forever home. She is ready for adoption. Help her to find her loving home. Watch the video above to have more information.
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