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Police Are Investigating With Off-Duty Cop Who Stones Helpless Wombat To Death!

Cops and police officers should be great examples for random people, but this story shows us that they can also be cruel against creatures!

Waylon Johncock a South Australian police officer is facing a great attack from animal lovers as he hits a helpless wombat with stone leaving him dead! The video above, that was taken by the cop’s friend, shows the off-duty cop beating the wombat repeatedly till he passed away!

An investigation has been launched by the police commissioner, who said that they will do what they can to do the right decision against the cop. What do you think?! Watch the video above to have more information.

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German shepherd tragically dies after being locked in the car under sunlight

Death because of carelessness

It was certainly a hot day in Hauts-de-Seine, France on 28thMay when this tragedy struck. Some dog owner left their German Shepherd locked inside their car who sadly died because of excessive heat. There was a hotel opposite to where the car was parked and an employee noticed the car moving. So, he gathered some pedestrians to investigate.


They called the emergency services that arrived very quickly and they learned that the voices and whining were coming from the trunk of the car. Unfortunately, it had gotten too late by then and even when the officers of the law set him free after breaking the window, it was too late. The whereabouts of the owner will be traceable because of the car’s registration number.

Dog owners should realize that even with an open window, the temperature inside a car even with an open window reaches more than 56 degrees centigrade which means that the death of the dog is guaranteed.

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