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A Beautiful Bird Heard The Start Of His Favorite Song, Then He Starts Dancing.

What would you do if you see a parrot dancing? Actually, there a beloved type of parrots, Black Headed Caiques, that love dancing and interacting with humans, but the bird in the video is actually something really special.

This parrot surely loves dancing. They always put his favorite song - he goes to town and starts dancing. His owner says that his parrot must have some Irish parents or something related to this, because he loves this Irish song.

You must watch this video above to see how this parrot is adorable, and his dancing will surely makes you smiling.

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The dog’s previous parents said that they knew nothing about his injury, as they never took off his harness as he’d try to run away.
The seller and the previous parents were all given a $1,500 signature bond as they were charged with mistreatment of animals/causing death, and give a date in a court to decide what to do about the condition. Watch the video above to have more information.

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