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Owner Gets Just 180 Jail Days & Banned From Owning Any Animals After Starving Dogs To Provoke Cannibalism!

A complaint was received to the Cops in Lakeland, Florida, about 2 caged dying of hunger Pit Bulls in a property. The scene was very disgusting, the cops were shocked to see the couple eating a 3rd deceased Pit Bull in the cage.

They also discovered another 2 different cages where 6 Pit Bulls were locked and so malnourished for months. The poor dogs turned into cannibalism because of disorientation and starvation, according to an animal control officer.

The cops have arrested Genar Smith who is the cruel owner. The 54-year-old man charged with Felony Animal Cruelty. Authorities has now charged Genar with probation for 42 months, 180 days in prison, and has been banned from owning any animals. The 5 surviving dogs are now healing and they get better.Watch the video above to have more information.

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Stray Jack Russel Will Not Leave Without His Friend-Then Trucker Decides That They Need To Be Together.

A truck driver called Dan O’Grady felt a sense of guilt when he passed a tiny abandoned pooch on the side of a freeway Jacksonville, FL, he immediately exited the highway, and hoped to get back to the poor dog before anything could happen to him. Fortunately, he was lucky.

Dan O’Grady noticed how slim the Jack Russel terrier, when he pulled over to help him. The dog just ran away when Dan O’Grady approached from him, and he kept on running every time. The dog led the man into the woods, which was obvious that he wanted Dan to see something. The dog stopped at a bush, Dan knew that he had to do something, he looked underneath and saw a white bunny, just haddled there.

So, Dan caught the bunny and went back to his truck, while the Jack Russel followed him with no complaint. Then he named the pair Interstate and Highway.

Dan took the little pair to give them some food, as it was obvious how starved they were. He got some salad for the bunny, and sandwich meat for the Jack Russel. Dan proceeded to take the animals to an animal shelter, where they only take the dog. So, he started to find another shelter to take the rabbit.

Thankfully, they both were adopted into caring and loving homes! They are so adorable and also made a wonder recovery.

Big thank to Dan who stopped to help!

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