Mistaken For A Lost and Evacuated From Florida, All Hope Seemed Lost For This Grieving Dog Until..

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time can cause to unfortunate results. And this dog knows that better than the all.


An animal shelter picked up a dog, that they then named him Bronson, in Florida. He was not the only dog, he was walking in a dirt street near Tampa with some other dogs, that were also picked up with him. The shelter listed the dogs as strays, as there were no identifying collars with anyone of them. Which means the end of the line for Bronson, as his breed type was not speedily chosen by the adopters.

Luckily for Bronson, Hurricane Irma gave him a new chance to life! The natural disaster usually destroys many lives, but not this time. So, the shelter decided to move all stray animals to many other parts of the country. To make them have more safe places because of Irma.

Bronson was one of these animals, and he was sent to a shelter in Blount County, TN. Where the rescue volunteers tried their best to save all the new arrivals. The staff get worried as Bronson just became depressed more and more, as the opposite of the other animals who seemed happy.


A volunteer at the shelter called Kellie Bachman was doing her best to make Bronson feel good, she said that it was obvious that he was really grieving. Bachman was sure that Bronson had been separated from a family.

Some people showed some interests in adopting or fostering Bronson. But the shelter said that if he had a home, they had to find it.

Bachman and Gino, her husband, who works at the Blount County SPCA, took it upon themselves. Gino helped her wife by looking up in the paperwork of the Florida shelter, and got touch with the volunteer of the animal control who found Bronson, to know from where he was picked up. So he posted a photo of Bronson with some information. And Gino found a Facebook page for the pets in Bronson's area.

Gino said that he found Bronson's family via a friend of the family, who said that they had been looking for him. The owners of Meco, Bronson's real name, had been fearful as he always goes out and returns, but one days he went and did not return. 


The family 's home of Meco was about 12 hours away from where he was now. And they did not have a car. A woman called Amber Edwards, offered to take the dog all the way back to his house in Florida. She said later that the reunion was really nice.

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