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Man Throws A Rock On Frozen Lake, Just To Record This Bizarre, Futuristic Sound

Have you ever thought about the coolest sound ever?!
It differs between people, but this couple, who skimmed rocks on a frozen lake, said that the coolest sound ever is the noise from the stones.

The video above, that has been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube, shows a man skimming a stone, that breaks the ice, across the water at Edmonds Lake in Alaska. Watch the video above to hear the sound, and tell us if it is the coolest sound ever.

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When Wanda Was Tossed Over A Fence, It Seemed Like Another Sad Animal Abuse Story Until…

We all know that the worst condition may transform to one of the best conditions in the life.

And that exactly what happened with Wanda, a little dog, who was tossed over the fence of a yard of a stranger. Wanda possibly thought that she will lost her life, but that was a great start for another life.

An employee of Ravenswood Pet Rescue in Wisbech, Fens of Cambridge shire, England, that always deals with injured, abuse, malnourished and neglect animals, recognized that Wanda needed a lot of work, and the treatment process will need a lot of money.

So, they needed to find someone willing to fund for her medical care, to have the ability to rescue her.

His condition was really bad, as she can’t wag her tail, or look at the eyes. They really wanted to save her and they just wanted some donations to help her.

She took the attention of many people who donate for her to cover her magical recovery. Shelley Ridgan, the employee, asked for about $3,000 to save Wanda, and they received more than $8,000. They can treat her, and she is now in a really good health. Watch the video to have more information about Wanda’s recovery.

What a kindness from the people, they are so nice and show that the great people are still alive.

Thanks to all people who just want to save animals, and make them live the best life they can.

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