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Man Rescued Poor Dog On Amazon River, Helped It & Find A Forever Home For It.

When a man called David Foster saw an abandoned, starving dog on the Amazon River, he directly knew that he had to rescue her.

It was obvious that the was abandoned by her owner. Thankfully, Foster saved Negrita. The video above shows more information about her unbelievable rescue story, watch it, and tell us your opinion.

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Stolen Pit But Was About To Be Euthanized, Got Reunited With His Family Just On Time

The nice dog of Barry Gearhart was stolen before a year from his truck. He said that that day was the worst day in his life, and he had cried so much for missing Titan, his pit bull.

Gearhart never lost the hope to find Titan, even it was a year before, but he always searches for him. So, he decided to use social media, he shared a photo of Titan on Facebook, hoping that someone could know anything about the dog. Fortunately, a volunteer in a shelter saw Titan’s photo, and she thought that a pit bull at the shelter looked like the nice Titan.

The dog at the shelter attended assimilation classes and he was elderly, they named him Hank. But he didn’t behave in the way they wanted, so they decided to euthanize him in few days.

So, Gearhart directly went to this shelter and he found that Hank was really Titan! Titan directly recognized his owner, and their nice reunion was recorded on the camera.

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