Little Boys Frightened To Show Mouths After How Mom Used Their Tongues.

A 24-year-old woman from Texas is now facing 27 charges of injury to a child after police knew an annoying state of abuse towards her stepsons.


Sara Anne Woody is accused of striking 2 of her stepsons’ genitals with using a strap, burning their tongues with the lighter of the charcoal grill, and also making them lick the bowls of the toilet as a punishment.

The Times Record News said that in addition to the 27 charges against children, Sara is also facing 2 charges of tampering with a witness, and a charge of endangering or abandoning a child with possible danger of bodily injury, and she is now in prison in lieu of more than $3,000,000 as a bail.

Police started suspecting when a boy was brought to a hospital in Texas for an injury in his lip. So, they started the investigation and then knew that they 2 boys, ages 7 and 12, had been beaten by Sara many times, and they had been also punished by forcing to drink an apple vinegar which caused them to spew.

The authorities were also told by the boys of what her stepmom did with them. The police also arrested Jonathan Darrell Woody, Sara’s husband, in connection with the abuse. He is also facing a charge of tampering with a witness, and 3 other charges child endangerment, and he has to pay $550,000 bail in lieu.


Donald Osborn, Burkburnett Police Detective, said that they charged Jonathan as he saw what his wife did with the children and did not stop her.

The 2 boys and other 3 children that lived in the home have been placed with relative.

The Dallas Morning News said that Sara is now pregnant.

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