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Injured Cow Reacts Hilariously When He Is Freed From Slaughterhouse

When you heard a story of rescuing animals, you directly think that the animal is a dog, but there are many animals want to be free. This cow is one these animals.

The video above shows a cow called Dudley react in hilarious after being saved from the slaughterhouse. The animals know that they face these things, and they will be so happy when they are free from these danger things. Watch the video above to have more information.

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Kind of Spider that Leaves You in Surprise

Animals of a variety are found all over the world and most of them are already known and seen by people. However, many such animals and insects do also exist which are rare and have not been observed much by the people.

Here in this video as well what we can see is a very rare kind of spider which is seen throughout just six times. This spider was spotted by a farmer in china and the spider is known as the Hourglass Spider. However, on the other hand when the insect museum head got to know about this spider he was also very much interested in this kind of spider.

The head of the museum said that last he saw this spider was somewhere back in the year 2000 and that is too old. These spiders are very rare and also look different from the usual spiders which make it unique and attractive. The layout and body of this spider may leave anyone in surprise because analyzing what it actually is something far much difficult. Now, the farmer who has spotted the spider is actually looking for a house where the spider may stay peacefully.

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