Here Is What A Sock On Top Of A Car Dashboard Means

It is so hard to hop into your car and take off, when it begins to get cold.

During cold weather, you have to start your car most mornings, before getting into it. Which can take many time from yours, and you have to wake up earlier. However, you can use a small trick which stops you from starting your car before hopping into it. 

To do this trick, you’ll need some kitty litter, some masking tape, and a clean sock with no holes. Secure the sock with the tape after filling half of it with the kitty litter. Using a small sock is better than a big one.

Then put it on your dashboard, and you can put one on the back window. You’ll not see fog anymore on your windows.

This works as kitty litters are very good at absorbing moisture. Watch the video to see this trick.

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