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Husky Pup Howls To Wake Their Siblings Up

Animals are just like humans, have their unique dreams. Look at this cute pup, who tries to wake her siblings.

The video above shows the Husky puppy started howling to wake up their siblings, but its howl was so funny and left people die in laughter. The video got thousands of shares and more than 700,000 views on YouTube as his sound is just like Chewbacca. Watch the video above to see the cute dog and tell us your opinion.

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Family Decides To Go Sight-Seeing For Two hours. Leaves Dog In 100-Degree Hot Vehicle With Diapers On

An incident took place in Squamish, BC, in a hot afternoon in August, left people shocked! A little dog was left locked in a hot vehicle by its owners for more than two hours.

The dog’s owners arrived at the Sea to Sky Gondola intending to do sight-seeing for few hours. They brought their pet with them, but, they left it inside the vehicle and went to do their sight-seeing. The worst thing is that the dog had been left in diapers, which meant that they had already decided to go for so long. Why did they leave the dog, when Sea to Sky Gondola is a pet-friendly place?! Thankfully, the dog was saved after 2 hours by police, who was contacted by some bystanders who started to get worried. Watch the video above to have more information.

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