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Husky Pup Howls To Wake Their Siblings Up

Animals are just like humans, have their unique dreams. Look at this cute pup, who tries to wake her siblings.

The video above shows the Husky puppy started howling to wake up their siblings, but its howl was so funny and left people die in laughter. The video got thousands of shares and more than 700,000 views on YouTube as his sound is just like Chewbacca. Watch the video above to see the cute dog and tell us your opinion.

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Driver Captures Horrifying Moment Dog Almost Run Over By Owners Dragging It From Car

This horrible story represents how human's cruelty.

One rainy day when Miguel Angel Spidio was driving home, in Puebla, Mexico, on 12th of May, he saw a puppy was being compelled to run beside a silver vehicle which was driving along with hazard lights blinking.

As Spidio became closer, he saw the puppy, who looks like to be a golden retriever was running too fast, struggling to keep up. There were a man and his wife inside the car who did not seem to care. Then, the car was right beside Miguel who shouted at them to get their dog inside the car through the opened window.

However, the car got faster and the poor golden retriever was compelled to be faster in the rain and it was tiring out. Miguel shouted again that the puppy is hurting himself and can't run anymore. As they refused to stop, Miguel got the Toyota Avanza’s license plate num as well as filmed them inside the car. Another man came eventually alongside the vehicle on the left and Spidio shouted to cut him off.

After that the driver stop and the man inside went out and took the pup down the street without an umbrella at Puebla’s Ecological Park.

However, Spidio continued to video him and the clip went viral on social media. Surprisingly, Eduardo Vergara, Puebla’s Director of Public Services, said that it was obvious that the puppy was having the proper care from the family as it seemed well, after visiting the dog’s home. Then, when the grandson faced with criticism, he admitted his mistake. Thanks for Miguel Angel Spidio's effort to rescue the puppy’s life. Watch the video above to have more information.

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