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Einstein Reminds Owner It Is Dinner Time In The Most Hilarious Way!

"Imagination will get you everywhere, Logic will get you from A to Z’’ said Albert Einstein. And a parrot called Einstein will agree to that statement! Einstein with a massive imagination is dining on cookies, grapes, and corn.

The Talking Texan Parrot, Einstein, is smart and silly. He likes to entertain and talk, and loves having conversations with his owners. He is so adorable. He asks to eat grapes and corn. He also offered you to have some. He can speak like a little boy. Watch the video above to see how many words Einstein says.

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A family’s life gets altered because of teens throwing rocks but now they are hit with another tragedy. Shocking!

Victim of a terrible prank
This is a news that got super viral back in 2014 when Sharon Budd, a middle school teacher became the subject of a horrible prank that almost changed her life. What happened was as she was sitting in the passenger seat of her car, a rock came crashing through the windshield. She got shocked to see that there were students standing on an overpass who had thrown the rock at her and they were actually very amused to have done so.

Because of this horrible prank, Sharon lost an eye and also suffered traumatic brain injury and also lost her independence and couldn’t work anymore. Randy Budd, her husband, was also hit hard as a result of this incident. He was having surmounting stress and bills were increasing and there was no stopping to this.

Heartbreaking thing is that he sent a last text to everyone in the family and committed suicide. However, a district attorney claimed that he didn’t commit suicide but the actions of those teenagers are responsible for his death. For Sharon, as if she wasn’t suffering enough already, she is dead from the inside. Besides injuries, she now has to deal with the news of her husband’s death. She told her sister-in-law Rhonda Williams that she doesn’t know how to cry.

Dylan Lahr, Keefer McGee, Tyler Porter, and Brett Lahr are the names of the teenagers who did all this. Brett was the oldest of all of them and got a sentence of 18 months to 20 years and others were given prison sentences of varying length. A fair punishment? Let us know.

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