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Homeless Dog Helps Police Officers, Who Adopted Him, Practicing Their Pat-Downs

This story speaks about Chato, a homeless dog who finally finds the love and care after being adopted by police officers! The dog doesn’t even find love, but he also finds a job!

The dog, who has no formal training, helps the cops out letting them practice their pat-downs on him. Chato knows exactly what he has to do, and he loves his job. Watch the video above to have more information.

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This Little Dog Was So Afraid Ad He Hid Himself in Fear without knowing what is Going On

The scary dog who covered himself
This is another story of dog’s owner who kicked his dog out of his home and abandoned that innocent soul, human can be that cruel it’s hard to believe. How on the earth can someone exhibit his brutality on an innocent dog.

As this little dog was abandoned, he experienced the cruelty of society and became so scary that it would run away in fear at the sight of humans. But a charitable organization “Hope for Paws” had other plans they wanted to rescue this little pup for his better live. But pup had discovered the multiple ways of hiding himself, so they decide to catch this little pup with the help of net.

But dog was so scared that he buried his head in fear, this moment left that team in tears that how scared this dog was from human. But they had decided to do right by this dog so they rescued him and gave him proper vet treatment and proper food, the dog is doing fine now.

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