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Hero Dog Hears Cries Of A Drowning Cat, Rushes Into The Water And Saves Her

There is an information said that dogs and cats are enemies, but actually, it is not right. The video above proves that.

The video above shows a dog risks his life to save a random cat! We can see in the video that the dog jumped in the water to save a drowning cat, and let her climb on his back! How adorable! Watch the video above to have more information.

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Man Has Been Sentenced For Only 4 Days In Jail After He Has Admitted To Killing Dog!

This is really injustice! A violent man, who confessed to killing another dog of the family with a reed, will stay just 4 days in jail! Anthony, the puppy killer, is 21-year-old, killed Joker, a white, small mixed breed pup, in an obvious behave of anger.

The authorities were told by some witnesses that Allen was cussing and screaming and had killed the poor pup. Allen was witnessed kicking the pup and hitting him many times with a reed. So, Joker passed away at Allen’s mother home on Sunday.

The authorities arrested Allen and took him to Yellowstone County Jail, and he was charged with a misbehavior harshness to animals, and he will stay just for 4 days in jail and outrage department class. He was also ordered to be away from the animals, in addition to jail.

People, who have known about this cruelty story, have expressed anger and dismay, as he faced only a misbehavior charge and just 4 days in jail for killing a poor pup in a brutal way.

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