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Her Owners Was Forced To Euthanize Her After PetSmart’s Bad Care!

Many dogs have passed away in PetSmart, and this dog is another one of them.

Aspen, a 4-year-old dog was taken to a Toronto PetSmart’s PetHotel as her owner Corey Dixon forced to be out of town. Aspen alerts people when her owner faints as he suffers from a heart condition. Aspen has saved her owner’s life many times before. But, when Dixon returned to pick Aspen up, she was completely sick, surrounded by saliva and vomit!

He directly took her to an emergency animal hospital, where she stayed many days in intensive care. It was obvious that her illness because of PetSmart. Her owner said that Aspen would have had a better chance to stay alive if she was treated by a veterinarian in the beginning of her illness. Sadly, Aspen’s family made the most painful decision in their life and decided to euthanize her. Watch the video above to have more information.

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A fisherman left the eel for the dinner of this alligator and the alligator being excited for the dinner made its way towards the eel. The alligator never knew it would be the last dinner of its life and as soon as this alligator took the eel in its mouth it faced a terrible shock. The eel was the electric eel actually.

The eels which are electrical ones may give a lot of current and shock to the ones who end up trying to eat them away and same happened with this alligator as well. This alligator got the jaws burnt with current and must be in peace now. Therefore the alligators must not get excited much and get ready for the attacks from the eels even like they attack people.

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