Heartless Cruel Man Crushes Her Eggs As Black Swan Momma Helplessly Looks On

Animal insult should be highly depressed and taken seriously. –it must be stepped up by us to stop anyone who insults these helpless creatures. Nevertheless, what if it revealed
a scene of fear to do so?

In Yangzhou, a man named Jiangsu province, appears to be in his early twenties, supposed that it was extremely entertaining to intrude on a scenic area with black swans’ nesting ground around besides there were many others stood watching him.

Then, he broke into that nest where he there shattered all the eggs into many fragmented pieces with his feet. 

He was laughing over and over as he did so. No one tried to prevent him. However, at the scene there were thirty others at least who simply sit by and monitor the severe action happen repeatedly.


Sadly, the crushed eggshells were just looked at by the swans. 
It was rebutted by the attraction’s manager, Li Yaming, that the eggs are actually vain.
It is our duty to wake the humanity up– we shouldn’t do this to animals!

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