He Asks His Dog To Show A Mean Face. Wait Until You See What That Looks Like

Some dogs know how to get the attention of the people, they look innocent, but when their owners ask them to do anything, they will directly do.

Reese, the dog, is a handsome and strong Rottweiler was shown in the video showing off his acting skills and his guard dog skills. He starts looking innocent, but when his parent asks him to smile, he shows his teeth in a big smile. Then the dog was told to show his mean face, but what happens next is totally magical. Reese bares his teeth, after curling up his upper lip into a nasty snarl. He looks so cute.

It is obvious that Reese has the elements to be both a scary guard dog and also a friendly family dog. He is so cute and lovable. But, he will also be ready to attack anyone who wants to mess with his owners.

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