Grandma Thought That Do Was Attacking A Child, Then She Realized That He Was Saving Her Life

Adopting a pet is like saving a life, as pets live in very depressing situations. These pets repay the kindness with their endless love.
Haus, a German Shepherd, took one step farther. The dog, a rescue from the Heidi’s Legacy Dog Rescue in Tampa, Florida, was taken by DeLuca family, and he directly bonded with them.
Haus became a protective of their 2 kids Joey and Molly. He is with them and takes care of them, according to Donya DeLuca, the children mother.
One day, the dog was hanging around with the 7-year-old Moly, who was some dog toys in the family’s garden. Suddenly, the dog started jumping frantically. And the child was not sure what was going on.
Molly’s grandmother saw the dog’s strange behavior, and immediately headed towards them to make sure that Haus’ behavior was just normal. At all, it was a mistake to leave a new dog with a child alone.
But actually, he was trying to save the child’s life not to harm her.

It was a big python trying to attack Molly, but the dog positioned himself between the snake and the little girl to protect her.
The snake attacked the hero dog, who was about to die because of the snake poison, unfortunately, he had difficulty breathing and could not hold his head up.
They directly took the dog to Blue Pearl Veterinary Hospital for treatment. Where he was treated and become good. Watch the video above to have more information about Haus’ injuries and people who donate for him to cover the medical pills.
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