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Flamingo Bird Tries To Stand On One Leg

Being talented is not an easy thing, and it is not for humans, you can see many animals in circuses with many talents. They are well trained by their owners.

The video above shows one talent animal, who tries to stand on one foot. The flamingo bird is known as a smart bird, who can learn in a very fast way. This flamingo bird in the video is a perfect example. Watch the video above to have more information.

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Just One Facebook Post Was Enough to Demolish This Family, Who Had Lost Every Thing

The family became face book’s victim
The origin of this incident is U.K, where a newly married couple Mark and Becky had finally purchased their dream house and they were so happy and delighted for the future.

Now couple wanted to hire some services to help them in shifting their precious goods to their new home. So they posted add on Facebook. Soon a company had contacted with them, the investigated the company were satisfied that company, as company was foolproof. When the day came few individuals came and started to move their goods from this house to newly purchased house. They were so happy with the efficiency and professionalism of the people they have hired.

Everything was moved out and onto the truck within 45 minutes. But this was not a professionalism it was the crime and the delusion and Mark and Becky, were the victims of this delusion. When they arrived at their new house. None of their possessions were there, except the TV the couple brought along. They become the victim of face book.

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