Evil Thieves Steal Sasha From Her Loving Family…But They Did Not Know Her Big Secret!

Every 15 seconds around the world a burglary takes place according to statistics.

Robbers are usually looking for items that have a high value in streets and that can be sold in an easy way, or even pawned; small electronics, coins, jewelry, cash, silver and gold items, etc.

 That is what authorities in the Croyden Hills community of Victoria, Australia think took place when some robbers chose to rob Hood-Sardi family’s home.

While the home was empty when the family went to the doctor, robbers gathered up some jewelry, an iPad, and a laptop.

But, the thieves also took something caused the family to be so devastated, they took their Labrador retriever puppy.

Elena Sardi said that they do not care about the rest, they just want Sasha, their 4-year-old pup.

Sasha had been adopted by the family just a week earlier, but it had immediately bonded with the family’s daughter, Maia, who falling asleep in its bed almost every night.

 Ryan Hood, Maia’s dad, said that his daughter has had nightmares the first night. He added that it is so difficult to explain what happened to his 4-year-old daughter.

The robbers possibly did not think so long when they picked Sasha, but they could not have known that they took the wrong pup to pupnap!

What they did not know was that the pup had been microchipped, and her vet permanently recorded her chip, that can be traceable throughout her life! And it can also be scanned.

It will show the pup’s address, owner, name, and phone number. The microchip was mentioned by one news resource. They informed the robbers to return the pup if they were listening. The microchip was also mentioned by the Victoria Police through social media.

No one knows what happened to the robbers, did they scare, or be shamed?! But they returned Sasha to her family. Fortunately, Maia was the happiest about the pup returning.

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