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Drunk Man Falls In The Road, Then His Stray Dogs Protect Him, And Keep Everyone Away

The video above that was taken in streets shows us the loyalty of dogs. The video shows 2 dogs protecting a homeless man who collapsed in the middle of a road.

The man who was addicted on alcohol which created many problems to him. People wandered how the dogs helped an addicted man, but one passer by said that the man would feed the dogs before he ate. The man collapsed unconscious after drinking too much.

So, the stray dogs started protecting the man without hurting or biting anyone, they just stayed around the man to protect him from the passing cars. How loyal they are! Watch the video above to have more information.

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One heartbreaking photo

There is no doubting that this is indeed a really heartbreaking photo and we can only offer our full moral support to this dog. It is crystal clear that this dog doesn’t want to get abandoned into a shelter and he seems to have the precise idea where his owner is taking him. This is just heartbreaking because a shelter is no place for such a vibrant creature like this dog.

A volunteer at the shelter named Christina Dickson saw these heartbreaking scenes and took a photo. Tito is the name of the dog who didn’t deserve this treatment at all and the reason for abandoning him is that he didn’t get along well with the new dog. Now Tito’s future is in doubt as he now has to live in a shelter and he is all depressed.

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