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Donkey, Who Was Maltreated For 18 Years With Nothing To Eat, Saved, Healed & Got Fostered

We all know that there are dumped and mistreated animals in Greece every day. And this story is about one of these animals that are mistreated in Greece.

Meribelle, a donkey, was abandoned in a field next to garbage with nothing to eat or drink. A volunteer from SCARS bought the donkey from her owner! The 18-year-old donkey was severely neglected for her whole life! She was covered in wounds all over her body but her head.

Thankfully, Meribelle was saved just in time and was completely healed. To make better, she was also fostered by Andreas and Iro, who have already saved cats and dogs. Watch the video above to have more information.

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The name of the person responsible for all this cruelty is Mario Edwardo Cardona as he was booked into Hidalgo County Jail on Thursday. The animal cruelty charges against him were proved and his bail was set at $10,000. She got disturbed while watching this act of cruelty and she shared the video only so that the person gets caught for this. Cardona was arrested by the police only 15 hours later.

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