Dog With A Taped Legs And Muzzle Can’t Contain Himself After He Is Saved By Samaritans

2 employees from Shoreline Plumbing in Robstown, Texas, showed a dog the human kindness.

Carlos Carrillo, a plumber, and his colleague have suddenly noticed a dog lying in a ditch by the roadside, when they were in route to a job location. They stopped their car and their way towards it. Shockingly, the poor pooch had been tied up tightly on its four legs with cable tubes, and its muzzle was sealed with tape!


The dog had been left there without shelter, water, food, and care. Luckily, the 2 employees decided to save it, and used their tools to free him. The pooch was supposed to be tied up for at least one day, but it was so frisky and friendly and it was clear when it was freed by these 2 good Samaritans.

They took the poor dog to Peewee’s Pet Adoption, a no-kill animal shelter located near them. Regardless of his past and misfortune, the pooch was not aggressive at all. Which was good news at all, as he could get adopted very quickly.

Thankfully, the dog was generally healthy despite a few heartworms. Look at him, he is so friendly, and his tail also would never stop wagging, he also loves humans. Thanks for these Samaritans who rescued this dog. If you’re interesting to adopt this dog, contact Peewee’s Pet Adoption to have more information. 

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