The Dog Who Almost Lost Half Of His Face, Couldn't Stop Smiling After Being Adopted

Dogs are astonishingly creatures. They can make the life of people better, but there are many stories of dogs who have been neglected and abused. And this dog is one of them.

A call was received by a volunteer for All Dogs Official Rescue Enterprise of Houston (ADORE), Brittany Faske, saying that an injured dog in a construction dump place, but what Faske saw is really shocked her.The pit bull was sitting in old grimy discarded tires and rubbish. His condition was really bad, but his face was the worst part.

The pit bull, who was named Apollo by Faske, was missing the majority of his nose and mouth. His smell was really bad. His shape was really bad, as he could barely move when Faske got close to save him. Regardless of his bad condition, when Faske got too close, he growled at her, as he was in extremely scared and in much pain.

Faske spotted a clean cut, which means that someone did that using a knife. She finally managed to save Apollo, and she took him to a veterinarian, and his acting there was just like he is not even injured. His chances to be survived was really slim as he had some serious physical injuries, but Apollo was trying to prove the opposite.

He started eating and drinking, a good sign that he was actually wanting to recover. He also had constructive surgery for his mouth and nose. He also attends some classes of training every Saturday. And he is really smart, as what Faske said, that he was waiting her on the door when it is Saturday.

Apollo is now the mascot and the official poster for Adore! And he was adopted by Faske to live his first life with her 2 dogs.

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