A Poor Dog Chained Up His Whole Life, Finally Outs For His First Time

Peanut is a little dog who had been chained up in Pennsylvania on a rural property. While his owners also lived there, but they were not really interested in him.


They were leaving Peanut outside as they what the old-school mentality said, because they are follow it.

He used to live in a limited space to move and in a heavy chain around his neck. And it was all about to change this sweet dog's life.
When the fence of the property fell over, the local authorities became aware of the dog's condition. They being alerted, but nothing was being done. But, the word HOPE never dies. So that happened when HOPE for Erie Animal Wellness, a rescue which helps improving the lives of the dogs in chains, knew about this poor dog.

And that is when Russelline Steinbuhle came in the situation. Her daughter volunteers for HOPE, and she said that many calls were received about the poor dog, but it was too far for them to harmonically be involved.


But, Russelline decided to go to visit Peanut to check his situation.
 The doghouse was too old and falling apart. The poor, nice dog was in the water. So Russelline decided to take care of him. She offered to help the dog when she saw his parents. Fortunately, the dog will be with HOPE to help him to be recovered.

They gave Peanut a new house with no chain, so he could lie in new collar, in the grass, and new bowls.

Big thank for HOPE to give Peanut a new happy life.

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