Brutal Owner Abandons Puppy On The Side Of The Street, Suddenly Realizes His Huge Mistake

The bikers know that nothing compares with a long ride through nowhere, just to clear their minds.


Such a ride for a biker from Burleson, Texas, called Brandon Turnbow, was jarred from quietism into a state of shock. 

James’ eyes caught the glance of a man tossing a pooch onto the side of the street.

Brandon decided to make a decision that would change his life, he decided to give the man a piece of his mind, and turned around towards the man.

Brandon found the dog after the man took off. The friendly affectionate dog had little chance of survival.


It was a worry-free ride for the dog and Brandon with Mr. Davidson’s blissful and secure on the back of Brandon’s Harley.

That day inspired Brandon to start Bikers Against Animal Abuse National Global, BAAANG, a non-profit organization. Watch the video above to see Brandon’s message for the bikers, and to have more information.

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