Cat Is asking For Food In Such A Polite Way !

When you walk down the street, will you also see stray cats and dogs? What do you feel when you are hungry and looking for food in the trash can? Some people see that they will be very distressed by their experiences, and they will buy some food to feed them, while others choose to ignore them and go directly. What kind of person do you belong to?

In the movie, the boys in the night market are sitting in their chairs and eating their own dinner. At this time, an uninvited guest appeared. It turned out to be a "cat". It gently padded the toes and patted the boys with their hands. Then sit down and wait quietly, but the boy didn't pay attention to it, but the cat's eyes kept staring at him. The boy knew that it was hungry, and the food in the bowl was in some chairs, indicating that it could Eat, when the cat finished eating, gently patted the boy's arm with his hand, as if telling him: "I still want to eat again."

Watching this cat is not only polite, but also sensible, like someone who has been raised before, but now it has become a stray cat, which makes people feel distressed. If you see them on the street, you can lend a helping hand. Helping them may help them get a warm home.

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