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Boy On Daily Basis Helps A Blind Deer Who Lost Her Way Before Going To School

This story speaks about a poor deer, who was walking around a neighborhood in Chicago with a 10-year-old boy. Many people think that deer are wild animals, but they can be pets.

The boy was walking with the deer to prevent any bad things that could happen to it as it is blind! Thankfully, a licensed wildlife rehabilitation group called IDNR took the deer to take care of it. Watch the video above to have more information.

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Schoolboy spots a plastic bag on his way to home but then it starts to cry for help!!!

Yet another animal trapped in plastic bag
What is it about people stuffing animals inside a plastic bag and causing their death like that? Is it a fun activity to make some animal go through hell? Do these people have no compassion or just a feeling that animals are also living beings? This story goes way back to 2015 when Jonathan, then 13 year old, found a strange looking plastic bag on his way to home.

He couldn’t help but notice something unusual about it and when he opened it, there were 6 alive puppies inside and this happened in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Not only the puppies were starving but they were also covered in ticks and were in a state of shock after what they had been through.

Jonathan was on his way to the bus stop to catch his bus for the school when he heard the cries. He was shocked to find out that the cries were coming from the plastic bag. He got the help of his mom to get the puppies out of the plastic bag and found out that they were very young. As expected, puppies had lost trust in humanity and it took Jonathan and his mum a few days to gain their trust again. However, it went smoothly because a loving touch and care was all that they needed and this video explains it all.

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