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Huge Pup Carried In Arms When Riding A Scary Escalator

The video above shows a big cute dog, who scares from riding the escalator. His owners decided to have lunch with him, but the dog did not want to go on the escalator, so his owner decided to carry him.

The nice clip, that was taken in Fortaleza, Brazil, on 12. Aug. 2017, shows the dog owner holding Antonio, a Golden Retriever, to protect his tail from being stuck. What an adorable dog! Watch the video above to have more information.

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People all over the world were really astonished when Golden retriever Rio gave birth for 9 puppies, one of them was mint green. And that is one of just four known cases of green puppies in history. The young green dog was called Forest by his owner because of her color.
Her different color was because of the biliverdin, a bile pigment found in her mother's placenta. So Louise Sutherland, her parent, named the little puppy Forest due to her unusually colored coat.

Sutherland decided to Forest alone, while her 1 sister and 7 brothers will finally find new homes. Finally, Forest's green coat has begun to be the same light golden color of her sister and brothers.

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