Abandoned Puppy Who Was Too Confused And Afraid To Move Can't Stop Smiling After Rescuers Give Her Shelter

Dogs, who are abandoned or neglected by the people they love, often do not realize what they did to deserve this treatment, or at least what happened.

This poor puppy was left by her parent in the parking lot of convenience store in North Carolina. She was so afraid and confused that she just stays in the exact spot, where she was abandoned in, for many hours during the bad weather, hoping that her owner decided to come back.


She was completely ignored by the customers, but fortunately one merciful woman finally saw her and came to save her.

Valinda Cortez said that her heart sank when she saw the puppy in the freezing cold rain for a very long time, and it was obvious that she had been abandoned.

She directly covered the dog by a warm blanket, as one of her front legs was cut, her hair was matted and wet, and her eyes were also infected. Cortez sat with the dog for about an hour before trying to do anything that might take stress or frighten out.

 Finally, she and Sue Massi, her friend, who is a volunteer animal rescuer, took the dog to a nearby animal shelter. Cortez said that the dog had lost her faith in humans, but what she was given from love, warm blanket and food, could restore her faith in them. 

Thankfully, the dog can’t stop smiling after her rescue, and she was renamed Cassie, and is also looking for a new forever home. Look at her photo, she is so nice and happy to be recovered.

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