Family Noticed A Tiny Kitten About To Drown, So They Rushed To The Rescue

When Robert and Dee Gecy walked by the water, everything appeared fine, however something spectacular happened. 
They saw an animal while was on the wall just above the water, he was in hazard of drowning into the water. At first, Robert and Dee couldn’t distinguish what kind of animal it was, thus they decided to take a closer look by getting their boat.

The animal appeared to be a kitten when they came closer and closer, by the way an adorable one, and they did what they could to save the kitten.


By good luck, the kitten’s life was rescued by them and they took her instant to the vets. Happily, the vets said after examining the kitten that the kitten in good health and she had no wounds. Dee believes that it was nearly impossible for the kitten to be there on her own, therefore the kitten was thrown on that wall.
Robert and Dee added a new member to their family by taking the cat with them.

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