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A Family Of 3 Dogs Adopt AnOrphaned Newborn Kitten, Who Is Dumped By Owners!

A tiny kitten named Mr. Tiny Pants had experienced a hard start in life.After newborn kitten was orphaned, he was abandoned on the streets and he was suffering death.

Fortunately, Mr. Tiny Pants was picked up by someone who sent out on social media a petition for help. The petition was accepted by Beth Walden, a Florida woman, and her daughter who decided to foster the dying kitten. Beth had already 3 dogs who came running as soon as they heard Mr. Tiny Pants cries, and they immediately started protecting him.

The dogs instantly took to the tiny, helpless creature. Frenchie and Salvador started welcoming the poor kitten on their own way, Frenchie started licking him, and Salvador came to check on whenever he heard him meows.

At first, Mr. Tiny Pants was very weak and he was always looking for his mom and siblings. However, as time passes, he has a loving family to grow up in.Watch the video above to have more information.

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Update: one Pit Bull called Jonny Justice was adopted by Jennifer Long, and his photo was put on the cover of Parade magazine in 2014, and won ASPCA Dog of the Year award in the same year. Watch the video above to have more Information.

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