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Tiny Kitten Colored Purple, Then Thrown Away As A Bait To Fighting Dogs

This story speaks about a small kitten, that was dropped off at an animal shelter's door step all alone. The poor animal, whose condition was so bad, was on the edge of death and needed to be treated immediately.

So, the staff of San Jose animal shelter took the 2 months old kitty, who'd been dyed purple, abused, and beaten, inside and decided to treat her from her wounds.So, they called Nine Lives Foundation to come to help the purple cat. Monica Rudiger, a veterinarian from Nine Lives Foundation, saw the cat's wound and decided to help the cat to be completely healed again.

She added that the cat, that was named Smurf, had been used as a bait to train dogs to fight. Fortunately, the cat started her journey to recover with the help of Nine Lives Foundation.We hope that the authorities find the responsible people who did these cruel actions to Smurf, and we hope that the cat finds a forever home. Watch the video below to have more information.

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Hopeless German Shepherd dog in a high-kill shelter is too heartbroken to greet the visitors

A life not worth fighting for?
It is normal to let everything go after you have tried everything and nothing seems to be working for you. One just stops putting in even the smallest of efforts and gets depressed just like this German Shepherd dog named Glen. Glen’s efforts are just not paying off whatsoever. She is just a 1 year old dog who somehow made her way to the notoriously high-kill Carson Animal Shelter in Gardena, California.

Life at a place like this is no walk in the park and Glen knows this better than anyone else at the place. She has lost all hope and she is now too depressed to even greet the visitors that might adopt him. She has figured out that the situation is not normal and that she could be moved to the back of the shelter where a painless death called euthanization awaits her.

A Pet Harbor listing of the dog is even more heartbreaking which reads, “I am described as a female German Shepherd dog, black and tan in color. I have been at the shelter since September 12, 2016 and shelter thinks I am about 7 months old.” For God’s sake, she is a living being and she deserves a lot better than this. At least a loving home would be enough to turn her life around. If you know someone who could help, please call the Los Angeles County Animal Control – Baldwin Park at (626) 962-3577 with reference ID A4991931.

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