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Swarm Of Wild Deer Shows Up When Woman Calls Them To Eat

We all know that sometimes many things happen in life make us so surprised. One of these things is the bond that can be formed between animals and humans and this video, shows us the bond between a deer and a woman, is one of these things.



You can see in the video that a woman called Cheyenne goes outside and calls the deer for the dinner time. She does this every day and the amazing thing is that they come out of nowhere just to eat. It is obvious that they know that they can trust her.



Cheyenne's husband, who record the video, says that his wife does this every winter and many of these deer come back every year to eat. They all know her and know that they can trust her. Watch the video below to have more information.



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It had burns all over her body, she lost hair on her paws, ears, face, toes, and tail. No one was sure if she could survive.

The reception supervisor at RSPCA Felledge, Luka Atkinson, said in a press release that Phoenix was six-weeks-old, had the skin and she still had fur on all four face, lags, pads and tummy.


She was so much lucky to still alive. They focused on keeping her hydrated and cool in the first few days of Phoenix's care. Phoenix got worse at first – but then, she started get better! The most of her injuries were from the extreme heat of the fire.


And she was also in a lot of pain, at least she pulled through and is now grateful, playful and loving kitten!

She still has no fur on her eyelids, but we all hope that her eyes turned around and heal up with time. The video below shows footage about the condition of phoenix.

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