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Stray Dog Stranded On The Remote Streets, Got Fed By Local Subway Everyday

This story speaks about a poor dog called Sally who's been stranded on the empty roads in Portales, New Mexico for so long. Thankfully, a local subway employee saw her and share a heartbreaking video of her on TikTok which went viral in few days. The employee hopes that the dog will find a forever home where she can have the food whenever she wants.

You can see in the video, that was nicknamed by "Subway Sally”, that the dog is being offered a delicious dish of meat by the employee, who later explains that he used to feed Sally whenever he sees her.Many people asked the employee on why he has not taken the dog to a shelter yet and many of them show some hate for him and his co-workers. So, he shared another video to explain the real situation of Sally saying that they are unwilling to take Sally to the nearest shelter which is over 19 miles away and it is a high-kill one.

The employee, who already has five cats, said that the town where he lives in is really poor as they can't afford pet food which makes having Sally a problem. But he also added that many shop owners groom Sally's hair and also let her to sleep in a safe place. We all hope that Sally can find a forever home to stay at. Watch the video below to have more information.

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