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Skin-Bone Dog Found In An Isolated Area Lying Beside Its Owner, Who Died 6 Weeks Ago!

Dropsaw, a nice dog who lived with her owner outside Queensland, Australia, forced to fend for herself as her owner died because of a heart attack.



The dog stayed beside her owner’s dead body after 6 weeks of his death as they lived in an isolated area. She ate all of her food and drank all the water and went to find anything to eat near the house! She always came back to her owner’s body hoping he’d awake.




When she was found, the rescuers knew that she lost about 30% of her weight! When a non-profit organization called Red Collar Rescue heard about her story they directly went to the scene and took her into their care. They were also able to put her in a foster home of one of their rescuers called Chris. Chris and Bob, her husband, fell in love with Dropsaw and decided to adopt her. She got a second chance to live with a great family. How adorable! Watch the video below.




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Thankfully, he barking finally worked, a resident hard the German Shepherd’s cries and called New Jersey’s Irvington Township, who sent an animal control officer called Alex Kelly, who knew that the dog had been barking for at least 3 days.

So, the officer rushed to search for the dog. It was really hard to find her, as no resident wanted to help him, as no one wanted to get involved. He accidently spotted a brown head near the river. The dog was tied using a cable.

Thankfully, Alex managed to get her trust and took her back to an animal shelter in Newark, where she became a whole different dog. He named her Genesis to signify a new beginning. The nice dog was transferred to the Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter before getting adoption after just few weeks. Watch the video above to have more information.

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